The Walking Dead season 9 : Carol facing the Alpha in the teaser of the final episode

The teaser of the finale of “The Walking Dead” season 9 announcement of new impending dangers with the arrival of a snow storm, but also a face-to-face stretched between Carol and Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers. Storm warning in The Walking Dead ! The teaser of the end of the season 9 announcement that blizzard is going to plunge the heroes of the series in extreme conditions of survival, forcing them therefore to defy the ban made by Alpha venture on the territory of the Whisperers. As a warning, this last did not hesitate to decapitate ten characters, a massacre like we had never seen in the history of the show. The cold and the snow alone will certainly not dampen the desire of vengeance of the survivors, starting with Carol, who saw his adopted son Henry included among the ten victims of Alpha. The two women will also face each other as early as next week, a duel at the summit, the outcome of which is already shiver the fans of the series who will not want to see an eleventh character to lose life in the course of this season. The final episode of the ninth season of The Walking Dead is back next Monday in the US+24 on OCS.

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